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Why Choose a Faith Encouragement Program?

The Faith Encouragement Programs are led by dedicated Christian volunteers who travel at their own expense from other towns and states to come to your church to share their faith.

The programs are held at your church, much like a retreat but with the retreat coming to you. Everyone in the church is invited – adults of all ages, teenagers, and children – to cultivate their faith for a deeper personal relationship with God. The Holy Spirit is present in a very lasting way.

What are your programs like?

Faith Encouragement Ministries programs are short, typically one weekend, uplifting church renewal programs for the congregation that take place at the church with gentle encouragement for commitment or recommitment to Christ as Lord.

What options are available?

Faith Encouragement Ministries includes the classic Faith Alive weekend and a new program, Faith Journey. Faith Journey options allow designing a program that serves the specific needs of a particular congregation.

What happens during a program?

As the weekend progresses, congregations develop:
• Stronger personal ties within the church community itself
• Realization that our gifts are part of God’s calling
• Awareness of our personal mission and purpose in life is to spread the love of Jesus

About Our Ministry

• Our vision

is that all church members will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, will develop a close personal relationship with Him, and will be eager to share that relationship with those they meet.

• Our mission

is to equip God's people to be positive in their faith by personally sharing the presence of Christ in our lives; to encourage them to recognize Christ's presence in their lives and to share that presence with passion and truth.

• Our strategic plan

is to travel to God's people, to share our faith stories, to help them to overcome their doubts and to support them in their Christian journey.

OUR PROGRAMS (A Short One-Minute Video)

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