Nola Schrum

Nola Schrum, board member since 2016, has assumed the role of Treasurer, home office and front-line telephone contact for Faith Encouragement Ministries. Working closely with the executive board and Rebecca West, Nola spearheaded the difficult task of revamping our organizational structure. She has carefully reviewed costs and expenses, creating a viable working budget for the future.

Sue Kay

Sue Kay recently joined the board of Faith Encouragement Ministries and has volunteered to be the “Shepherdess of Upcoming Weekends”. Sue is responsible for communicating with churches that have shown an interest in holding a Faith Alive weekend, helping them through the process until the board assigns Weekend Coordinators.

Judy Maguire

Judy Maguire has volunteered to organize and publish the Faith Encouragement Ministries Newsletter. Her background in computer publishing is an asset to this position. Judy welcomes input from board and ministry members as we look forward to producing and mailing a quarterly e-newsletter to our members.

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