Faith Encouragement Ministries began as “Faith Alive” in 1970. The young adults who founded the program were members of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and their wives. Their inspiration came from their experiences as team members of the Methodist Church’s Lay Witness Weekend. They based their Faith Alive weekend on the Episcopal Common Book of Prayer vows of baptism.

The Faith Alive program thrived through the 1970s, 80s and well into the 1990s, reaching Episcopal and other churches throughout the country.

In response to the current challenges churches are facing, in 2013 the Faith Alive Board of Directors approved the following changes:

  • Created the Faith Encouragement Ministries organization that maintains the current Faith Alive program with no changes
  • Added the Faith Journey program
  • Approved the Faith Journey program to be adaptable to the needs of churches, particularly smaller churches, with a more customized program or schedule
  • Opened board membership to other denominations
  • Hired a Program Director for Faith Encouragement Ministries to design and implement the new Faith Journey program and expand Faith Encouragement Ministries’ utilization of technology and the internet

The strength of the God-given ministry has withstood the test of time.

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