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Custom design a faith-enhancing weekend for your congregation, from pre-schoolers to seniors.

Faith Journey allows us to design a program that meets the needs of a congregation. The Faith Journey program allows us to deliver a faith renewal program for churches that are smaller in numbers or who have other special needs that the classic Faith Alive program may not address.


The core program includes small groups, sharing faith stories, and worshiping Our God together. If there are children or teens, there is a program for them, too. Everyone is included. Out-of-town team members come to the church to share their faith stories and to serve as facilitators and listeners as the members of the congregation focus on the presence of Christ in their lives and their own faith journey.

The Details

• Specific program components are planned for the church.
• The schedule itself can be adjusted to better fit the local schedule and needs of the congregation.
• An experienced Faith Encouragement Ministries team member will work in advance with the pastor and leaders to determine the most effective program for their church.


The program emphasis is spiritual renewal for your church and is designed to support your faith journey. The program structure and content is adjusted for the unique needs of your congregation.

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