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We have developed a new program for small churches, missions, and other churches that are ordinarily not in a position to host a full Faith Alive or Faith Journey weekend.


The new program is scaled down in terms of the program length, the number of visiting team members, and the number of people from the church required to plan and prepare for the Faith Journey program.

The new program, however, is designed to deliver just as strong a renewal program for the smaller church community. The program does include the entire congregation – adults, teens, and children.

The Details

• The Saturday program is planned especially for the smaller church.
• Everyone is involved in the program, including any children or teens.
• An experienced Faith Encouragement Ministries Coordinator will work with the church to plan and prepare for the Faith Journey program.


The program emphasis is spiritual renewal for your church and strengthening of the community. The program supports the faith journey and the unique needs of the smaller, in terms of numbers, but large in spirit, congregation.

Is this the program for your church?

Contact us for more information and to determine whether this is the program for your church!

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