Standardized, time-proven program

Affirming and energizing congregations for more than four decades, Faith Alive has an extraordinary record of parish participation. Faith Alive is a proven program that has been effective for congregations of all sizes over the years.



Faith Alive is not a teaching ministry. There will be no lectures. Members of a number of churches throughout the state, and perhaps beyond, will come to your church to lead the Weekend. Their role is to be facilitators. They do not come to teach or preach. They may be asked to share what it has meant to them to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives, but mostly they will be used to lead small groups.

The Details

Faith Alive provides a special time for each of us to re-examine the promises that we made, or were made for us, at our Baptism, and again when we were confirmed. In the service of Holy Baptism there are three very important questions about our relationship with our Lord:

“Do you turn to Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Savior?”
“Do you put your whole trust in His grace and love?”
“Do you promise to follow and obey Him as your Lord?”

The Faith Alive Weekend is primarily a time to rethink what these promises mean to each of us, and time will be taken during Sunday’s services, for those who desire, to make a new commitment or a recommitment to the Lord.


Faith Alive emphasizes spiritual renewal and introduces small-group ministry, which can be continued after the Weekend, through small-group Bible studies and prayer & share groups.

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