Faith Alive Reunion Weekend
Kanuga Conference Center
April 5-7, 2019

Keynote Speakers:
Paul and Hillary Kyle

On April 5-7, 2019, there will be a wonderful Renewal Weekend at Kanuga Retreat Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina for all who have been involved in Faith Alive and Faith Encouragement Ministries. I am writing this letter to invite you, in love and Christian fellowship, to join us that weekend. We can rekindle joy and companionship among long-time friends as well as new acquaintances.

How many of you can remember back 10, 20 or even 30 years to a time of reflection, grace, and the presence of Jesus’ Spirit while attending a Faith Alive weekend or a Board meeting at Kanuga? Remember the joyous worship and the moving of the Spirit as we joined together in song – the many nights staying up late listening to stories and loving each other? And who can forget the sights of Kanuga? I recall the view over the lake with the white cross on the far shore, and sitting out on the patio in one of the wooden rocking chairs. I remember the bugle calling us for meals, and hikes on one of the many trails. If this resonates with you, or if it’s been too long since your last Faith Alive weekend ministry experience, then please join us!

Paul and Hillary Kyle, our keynote speakers, are originally from Ireland. They have been beloved friends of Judy and mine for many years. Paul is a poet, musician, songwriter, prayer warrior, and (some would say) a prophet. He left medical practice in 1980 in order to lead a community of reconciliation in their home city of Belfast, Ireland. Paul and Hillary know reconciliation. They are “prayer warriors” of the highest magnitude. Their strong faith was demonstrated when their family of 9 left Ireland to move to the USA in 1994. They had little money, no jobs and marginal support, but the family had all independently heard from the Lord that they were to move to the USA! We are all in need of reconciliation – to God, our neighbors and within the church. If anyone can encourage our renewal, it will be Paul and Hillary Kyle!

We reach out in love and Christian fellowship to say, “Please Come”.
Save the dates of April 5-7, 2019. We’d love to see you.

Click this link to register for the Kanuga Faith Encourage Reunion.

God bless us all,
Hap Maguire, Chairman

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