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Does God show up at Faith Alive and Faith Journey weekends? You bet he does! In fact, He is the instigator of all these events! And even though we can’t know the mind of God, it seems like His purpose in these weekends is simply to love His people. His love pours out on these gatherings, causing healing and refreshment and renewal and growth.

I ask you to consider supporting Faith Encouragement Ministries. Support us with your prayers, first and foremost. And consider a financial gift. The visiting teams pay their own travel costs to these renewal weekends; otherwise, our budget would be enormous. As it is, our main expense is keeping a central office open, to accomplish all the administrative chores necessary to run a program of this scope. So the budget is frugal but necessary. Your gift helps us keep the lights on, which helps God keep His light shining through all of us, including you! You can make a check out to Faith Alive and mail it to Faith Encouragement Ministries, PO Box 51776, Albuquerque, NM 87181. Or donate online by clicking on the DONATE tab.

Thanks for your prayerful contribution!

– Nancy McMillan, Board Member

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