Let Us Know!

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We are experiencing a renewing interest in the Faith Encouragement Ministries programs! Churches are registering and scheduling weekends and others are looking seriously at what Faith Encouragement Ministries can do for their church members and for their church.

We need more people! We need people who can travel and devote a weekend to serving on a visiting team.

We need the experienced people who have already served on a weekend in the past to let us know they are available, and new people who have experienced a Faith Alive weekend at their church and are interested in serving on the exciting ministry to let us know!

We have developed an online Team Member Registration form for both the experienced and the new team member to Let Us Know! Please go to our web and go to PROGRAMS | TEAM MEMBER REGISTRATION.

Additionally, we need more churches to register and schedule weekends! My prayer is that we become so overwhelmed by registrations and scheduled weekends that we have to totally Rely on God! Let Us Know!

– Judith Barrett, Program Director

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